AEIB Fans is a family company

Founded in 1969 in Bordeaux

 Currently employing 40 people on 2 productions sites (Tresses and Bergerac) with a turnover of € 6,000,000.

AEIB fans, designs and manufactures industrial fans (centrifugal and axial), various ventilation equipment, air treatment and ATEX equipment.

Our aim is to select the product that meets your specifications to achieve the best industrial solution (in terms of cost and quality) and to ensure the safety of your process with 5 principles firmly established in the culture of the company :

Listen - Advise - Manufacture - Check – Support

 Our strength lies in our flexibility and desire to better meet the expectations of all our customers. We are well established in terms of aerodynamics and acoustics, and have engaged in an ISO9001 approach for over 10 years.

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