Ventilation systems for the workspace sanitation

Ventilation systems for the workspace sanitation

Specific ventilation to treat harmful fumes and clean working environments

In order to prevent any professional risks related to health and safety at work, it is essential to organize means against pollution in the factory floors or in industrial spaces. Indeed, your employees will breath air that is most of the time contaminated by chemical, physical or biological agents regarding their activities and especially their workspaces.


The sanitation of your factory floors can be carried out through specific ventilations. Indeed, there can be pollutants in your premises under gas form that can imply harmful effects to your employees’ health. The goal is to catch these harmful smokes.

This is why, at AEIB, we developed several ranges of PRS and HPB products, ATEX and IECEX certified, to meet you needs by treating these harmful compounds to protect the health of your employees.

Under the current circumstances related to the global pandemic, it is important to have ventilation adjusted to your premises. And our systems will indeed sanitate the workspaces to limit the virus exposure through airway.

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Ventilation systems for the workspace sanitation

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