Homogenize the temperatures in a confined space with a exhaust fanS

published on 10/12/2020 In Product

The exhaust fan are an important range of products at AEIB. 

Two technologies exist: helical or centrifugal. The helical version has a throughput going from 2000 to 100 000m3, for temperatures ranging from -60°C to 80°C. As for the centrifugal version, it varies between -80°C and up to 650°C, even more. 

It is possible to find the ventilators in different places, but always aiming to homogenize the temperature of a confined space, whether it’s hot or cold: oven, dryer, refrigeration/fast freezing tunnel, air conditioner… 

Examples of oven: industrial oven (food processing industry, ceramic, heat treatment, surface treatment etc…) 

The exhaust fan are custom made depending on their function and especially to suit the target temperatures. Most of the time, they can be made in high temperature painted steel, but also hot-dip galvanized steel, as well as stainless steel or inconel. 

AEIB reviews each proposition thoroughly in order to fit your product’s expectation.