THTR reinforced axial industrial turrets

Tourelle industrielle hélicoïde THTL

THTR reinforced axial industrial turrets

THTR reinforced axial industrial turrets have a diameter between 710 and 1,250 and are designed to ensure suction or blowing of clean or slightly dusty air in regular or industrial facilities.
These axial turrets can ventilate and extract smoke and toxic fumes in polluted and very compact areas. Such turrets are used in technical areas, industries, agricultural buildings and in warehouses. The axial turrets (with a diameter between 710 and 1,250) allow fast airflow rates, while using low pressure.

Installation – Axial THTR

The reinforced axial turrets are often mounted on rooftops, terraces or at the end of an air duct. The airflow from the turret can be vented horizontally or vertically according to the way the tower is mounted. Warning: the direction of the airflow needs to be specified when placing your order so that we can adapt the product to your individual needs.


Construction – Axial THTR

Reinforced extraction axial turrets are built with the same materials as the conventional extraction towers. Please refer to the page category for details.
The turrets can convey fluid at temperatures between 620°C and +40°C, depending on the pressure and surface temperatures. (See marking).
Design and manufacturing service for custom requirements is available. Please contact us directly by email or by phone for your custom requests.

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