Axial coil ferrule fans

Ventilateur hélicoïdal à virole 1

Axial coil ferrule fans

The HDO-HD1S are shrouded axial fans with short or long casing, designed for ventilating and extracting gas, clean air or dusty air in industrial premises. These axial fans are mounted on short ferrule (HDO) or long ferrule (HD1S) to ensure extraction and blowing with high flows but at low pressure. Such fans are mainly used in industrial facilities with a lot of smoke or toxic vapour…They are also used in warehouses, battery manufacturing facilities, etc. The fans are built in cast aluminium and mounted on very resistant ferrules. They can operate in explosive environments, extremely high temperatures environments, corrosive vapours, etc.

Installation – HDO et HD1S

The axial coil ferrule fans are both easy to install and easy to use. The fans are versatile: they can either be directly connected to an existing network of flexible ducts or fixed to a wall. They can operate either vertically or horizontally… Mounted on a stand with anti-vibration cone pads or on the ground, and are ready to work immediately. Warning: the direction of the airflow is to be specified when placing your order so that that we can adapt the design to your need.


Construction – HDO et HD1S

The axial fans with short or long ferrules are manufactured with the materials as conventional axial fans.
As an option you can also have your short or long ferrule fans equipped with :

  • A RAL upon request
  • Flexible link for air inlet and outlet
  • Stands and anti-vibration cone pads to place the fan on the ground.
  • Special service of voltage and frequencies
  • An inspection trapdoor for HD1S.

All information is detailed on the category page. For all our custom-designed models, please do not hesitate to call or email our technical teams.

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