Nuclear fan

Ventilateur nucléaire 2

Nuclear fan

At AEIB we offer a range of fans and customized ventilation systems that can adapt to Nuclear Industries, the military, or the defence sector.
Built with highly resistant materials, these nuclear fans for the Navy or the Army are designed according to very precise and rigorous specifications. They extract and ventilate air at extreme temperatures, in explosive atmospheres as for example in naval or nuclear conditions.

Seismic testing for the axial fan HD1S 800-4-5.5 VN  is performed to simulate earthquake conditions and test equipment survivability (for the Nuclear fan)

During the seismic testing, the following earthquake conditions are simulated (acceptance criteria as defined by IEEE 344 for safety related equipment in nuclear power plants):

  • In the XZ axis :
    • 5  seismic tests at level S1, “DSD” corresponding to the OBE (operating basis earthquake)
    • 1 seismic test at level S2, “SDD” corresponding to the SSD ( Safe shut-down earthquake)
  • In the XY axis :
    • 5 seismic tests at level 1, equivalent to the OBE (operating basis earthquake)
    • 1 seismic test at level S2, equivalent to the SSD ( Safe shut-down earthquake)


AEIB earthquake testing for fans

We also offer special measuring cases using insulating material to protect the ventilation systems, and to avoid too much noise, while also preventing explosion risks.
Our Engineers also design “unclogging “filters, used to clean and collect large quantities of dust.

For all our custom-designed models, please do not hesitate to call or email our technical teams.

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