PRS high performance centrifugal fan

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PRS high performance centrifugal fan

High performance centrifugal fans are designed for clean or slightly dusty air extraction.
Designed to extract clean air or slightly dusty air, this range of centrifugal fans is particularly suited to ventilating air in the “heavy duty” industry sector, such as industries using chemical, petroleum, steel and industrial machines;

Installation – PRS clean air

To work properly, centrifugal fans are connected to a network of flexible ducts that are directly linked to the site’s air conditioning system. To limit the fan airflow, an airlock pane may be placed onto the fan to absorb flows adapted to the centrifugal fan’s capacity. The volute casing may then be adjusted to your needs.


Construction – PRS

Clean or lightly loaded air fans are manufactured using the same components and the same options as the centrifugal fans for heavy-duty industry.
The high-pressure centrifugal fans can withstand extreme temperatures thanks to their built materials. Thus, the fluid must be between -20° C and +80°, but it can reach a maximum temperature of 250° (400°C peak).
Our technical team can present you a complete design and manufacturing service for custom requirements. For further information, you are welcome to contact us by phone or email.

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