ATEX electric water air units

Aérotherme à eau ATEX 1

ATEX electric water air units

The ATEX industrial water heating units or coolers are specially designed for use in premises with explosive atmospheres, environments with gas (zone 1 or 2), or dusty environments (zone 21 or 22)
The units are very resistant. They instantly and quietly cool down or heat up spaces.
ATEX water heaters are designed to be used in explosive atmospheres, such as chemical industry facilities, industrial facilities, oil industry facilities, and some food industry facilities with explosive atmospheres.
These water unit heaters are very efficient and easy to use, and quickly bring temperatures to their desired levels, even in dense areas.

Installation – AL EC ATEX

The ATEX water heating units are very easy to install. At high temperature, link the unit to a water supply with a water outlet to ensure the unit can work correctly and autonomously.
It can be directly fixed to a panel, mounted on a wall, or directly down the floor. Direct the airflow toward the desired area.


Construction – AL EC ATEX

The ATEX water units are generally used to cool down a room’s temperature.
In addition to the components used on conventional heaters, the water heating units are built with: a white pre-painted steel casing, copper tube drums, aluminium fins(1,2 or 3 rows, a condensate for the version with cold tank water only, and a deflector with adjustable horizontal fins).
Custom designs are available upon request. Please, do not hesitate to call or email our teams.
The ATEX water-heating units can convey fluid with a temperature range from -20°C to +55°C (unless otherwise stated on the sign plate on the engine.) To best choose your fan, it is important to refer to the airflow and the rate of air blowing, in order to ensure the correct height, depending on the area size.
Please note: the blow rate=air flow (m3/h) / volume of area (m3)

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